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How Will Obama Respond to Israeli War Crimes? E-mail

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I am pleased to say that more than 35,000 readers have read each of the following articles, although very few have contributed:

President Obama with Peter Orszag and Rahm Emanuel

"Rahm Emanuel: The Israeli Who Runs the Obama White House"
NEWS -- 6 February 2009
Who is Peter Orszag -- Obama's Budget Director?
A new preface with important information about Peter Orszag, Obama's budget director in charge of the economic stimulus package, has been added to this article.  It should be noted that Orszag, a protege of the disgraced Robert Rubin of Citigroup, was a senior economic adviser in Moscow during the reign of the Jewish oligarchs, an economic consultant to the Bank of Iceland -- before it collapsed -- and a close ally of Rahm Emanuel in the Clinton White House when NAFTA was pushed through Congress.  So, what should the American people expect from Obama's (read Orszag's) trillion-dollar "economic stimulus package?" 

Read about Peter Orszag's long trail of destruction here.

"When Terror Drills Turned Real:  9-11, the London Bombings & the Sinking of Estonia"

(The following is an extract from the most widely read article from my forthcoming book about 9-11.)
The terrorist attacks... that struck New York and Washington on 9-11 and the London bombings of July 7, 2005, were the realization, i.e. the making real, of computer-based scenarios that were being staged in the same place at the same time. Would a truly free press ignore the conspicuous fact that both events occurred within the context of very similar terror exercises?

"The easiest way to carry out a false flag attack is by setting up a military exercise that simulates the very attack you want to carry out," Captain Eric H. May, a former military intelligence officer from the U.S. Army wrote in a recent article entitled "False Flag Prospects, 2008 - Top Three U.S. Target Cities."

False flag terror attacks are designed and carried out with the intention of having the blame assigned to a targeted foe in order to manipulate public opinion, cause conflict and foment war.  The complicity of the media is necessary for such false flag terrorism to succeed.

"This is exactly how government perpetrators in the US and UK handled the 9/11 and 7/7 'terror' attacks," May writes, "which were in reality government attacks blamed on 'terrorists'."

"Who is Bernard Madoff, the man behind the $50 billion fraud?"

*   *   *   *   *

Note on 9-11 Gag Orders

"If the World Trade Center towers were destroyed with explosives and Thermite, there must be hundreds of people involved. How can it be that be that nobody has talked?" is one of the most frequently asked questions about 9-11.

That thousands of federal employees, e.g. from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and firemen and policemen from New York City have been effectively gagged from speaking about what they saw and did on 9-11 must be the most extensive gag order in U.S. history.

The FAA does not respond to questions about the existence of such gag orders. In response to my telephone calls and written questions about the existence of such gag orders the FAA sent an email response telling me that I should ask the TSA (Homeland Security) about an event that predates the creation of the TSA.

New York firemen were immediately and effectively gagged on the day of 9-11, which has prevented important testimony from reaching the press and the public. I could see that the firemen of New York were under strict gag orders having visited several firehouses in lower Manhattan. The gag orders were clearly very strict and the firemen knew that they would lose their jobs if they discussed anything about what they saw or did on 9-11. This is a fundamental part of the cover-up of what really happened on 9-11.

Here is a short 6-minute video interview with a fireman from the night of 9-11, in which he repeats several times that the firemen are all under strict gag orders and that he cannot talk for fear of losing his job. If there were no conspiracy to conceal the evidence from the destruction of the World Trade Center, why were all the firefighters gagged from the beginning?

"We're all gagged. We're all gagged. Gag order, you know. Can't say anything," the fireman says at 12:40 of the clip, which he repeats at about 13:08, and 16:00. "I want to work here next week, and the week after."


*   *   *

How Will the Obama Administration Respond to Israel's Genocidal War Crimes in Gaza?

President Obama supposedly sent Sen. George Mitchell on a mission to address the urgent humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip -- but Mitchell didn't go anywhere near Gaza.  He even refused to meet the Hamas officials, the people who won the free and fair elections for the Palestinian government. Rather than meet with Hamas, Mitchell met with the Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert, a person who should be arrested for war crimes, and told him that the seriously flawed policies of George Bush would remain in place under President Obama -- including a denial of the right of return for Palestinian refugees and support for unilateral border changes to incorporate illegal settlements on the West Bank into Israel.  This is change? 

"One simple fact, acknowledged and denounced by established experts in the field, is that Israel is not respecting international humanitarian law.  The first obligation is that an occupying power has the obligation to preserve the life of populations, to protect them, to nourish them and to care for them. That is manifestly not the case here."
- EU Aid Commissioner Louis Michel on Israeli war crimes,
La Libre Belgique, 13 January 2009

"The missile melted my children. My daughter-in-law melted in front of my eyes."
- Sabah Abu Halima, victim of white phosphorus attack
Source:  "Phosphorus wounds' alarm Gazans" BBC News, 24 January 2009; Photo: Sabah Abu Halima in hospital, by Holly Pickett in The Times (U.K.)

To those who say that white phosphorus is harmless as a smoke bomb, I suggest reading the testimony of Sabah Abu Halima, a widow who lost 4 of her children to the U.S.-supplied incendiary weapon.  The following is an extract from her testimony:

Around 4 P.M. the next day [4 January], when all the family was in the house, the army started to shell our area. A few minutes later, shells landed on our house. Fire broke out in the house and several members of the family burned to death: my father-in-law, his baby daughter Shahd, and three of his sons – ‘Abd a-Rahim, Zeid and Hamzah.

My mother-in-law and her sons Yusef, ‘Omar and ‘Ali suffered burns. The fire spread throughout the house. I was holding my daughter Farah and we were both burned too. My clothes went up in flames, and some of my skin and Farah’s skin was scorched. Luckily, my baby daughter Aya wasn’t hurt. I ripped the clothes off my body and cried out that I was burning. I was naked in front of everybody in the house. My body was burning and the pain was excruciating. I could smell my flesh burning. I was in a horrible condition. I looked for something to cover me and shouted non-stop. My husband’s brother took off his pants and gave them to me to wear. The top part of my body remain stayed naked until my husband came and covered me with his jacket.
Rain of fire -- UNRWA photographer Eyad al-Baba recorded the Israeli attack with white phosphorus on the UN-run school in Beit Lahiya, Gaza, in which several civilians were killed and wounded.  This is clear evidence of an egregious war crime in violation of the Geneva Convention of 1949.
Source: The Palestine Chronicle

Ehud Olmert is ultimately responsible for the Israeli war crimes committed in the Gaza Strip and those in Lebanon in 2006.  Olmert, as deputy prime minister and mayor of Jerusalem, made a secret visit to New York City on September 10-11, 2001.  Why is his visit on the eve of 9-11 kept secret by the media and U.S. government?  Why is this war criminal being protected and coddled by the Obama administration?

The first actions taken by the Obama administration in response to the Israeli assault on Gaza certainly do not bode well for peace in the Middle East.  There have been absolutely no indications that the Obama administration will hold the current Israeli regime accountable for the many serious war crimes committed or the incredible destruction of life and property in Gaza.  On the other hand, President Barack Obama's Middle East envoy, George Mitchell, on a mission to address the crisis in Gaza caused by Israel's recent aggression, refused to even visit Gaza, which was bombed, shelled, and razed by Israel for three weeks.  Rather than visit the focal point of the crisis, Mitchell remained on the periphery and held talks in Egypt, Israel, and the occupied West Bank, where he met with the self-proclaimed Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas.

Mitchell refused to even meet with duly elected Hamas officials despite the movement's goodwill gesture towards the Obama administration.  Instead of meeting with the leaders of Hamas, Mitchell met with the un-elected Palestinian quisling Abbas, who unilaterally extended his term for another year after his term expired on January 9, 2009.  Is that how the United States supports "democracy" and peace in the Middle East?  By supporting un-elected quislings and ignoring the properly elected officials?

The Israeli press reported that Mitchell told Israeli officials that the new administration was committed to Israel's security, to "the road map", and to a letter from George W. Bush in 2004 stating Palestinian refugees would not return to Israel. How progressive.
How can President Obama claim to stand for change, justice, and peace -- and then deny the right of the Palestinian refugees to return to their homes?  This is not a right that the United States has any power to give or take from the Palestinian refugees -- this is their inalienable right.  To deny the right of return is to be on the wrong side of justice -- and history.  Mitchell also said that the Obama administration would allow illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank to remain in Israeli hands.  These policies, stated by the envoy who speaks for the Obama administration, certainly do not reflect change and will not bring peace to the region.

"Despite the friendly approach by Hamas, Mitchell's refusal to meet with the movement's leaders hints that the 'change' administration is only rebranding the failed Bush administration's policies," the Turkish press wrote.  "The move suggests that the US is not open to hearing all sides and is siding with Mahmoud Abbas whose term expired on January 9 and therefore his rule, according to Hamas, is no longer legal under the Palestinian constitution."

Meanwhile, Turkey's prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan walked out of a televised debate at the World Economic Forum in Davos over Israel's offensive in the Gaza Strip after the moderator refused to allow him equal time to rebut the Israeli president's explanation of the Israeli aggression that left 1,300 dead, more than 4,000 wounded, and hundreds of thousands homeless.

Erdogan stood up in Davos against Israeli genocide and war crimes in Gaza -- and went home to a hero's welcome.

Peres speech was in defense of Israel's criminal aggression, aptly named "Operation Cast Lead" in which many serious war crimes were committed.  Peres was allowed to speak for 25 minutes, twice the time Erdogan was given and five times the length of time participants had been given for their opening remarks, he said.  Erdogan objected to being cut off by David Ignatius of the Washington Post who was the panel moderator.

Erdogan said to Peres, "I remember two former prime ministers in your country who said they felt very happy when they were able to enter Palestine on tanks. I find it very sad that people applaud what you said. There have been many people killed. And I think that it is very wrong and it's not humanitarian."
That's putting it very lightly.
Why is Obama Silent about Israeli War Crimes? E-mail

WAR CRIMES IN REAL TIME:  Israel Uses White Phosphorus Bombs

White Phosphorus over Gaza:  The Geneva Treaty of 1980 (CCW, Protocol III) stipulates that white phosphorus should not be used as a weapon in civilian areas.  Israel used it in huge amounts on the Gaza Strip.

Israel used white phosphorus extensively in the Gaza Strip -- as a weapon of terror.

"White phosphorus is a terror weapon."
- Charles Heyman, British military expert 

Mahmoud Mattar, a 14-year-old, is one of the thousands of Palestinian civilians severely injured by Israel's illegal use of white phosphorus.  He is blind with third-degree burns.

Mahmoud Mattar, 14, is a young Palestinian from the Jabalya refugee camp in Gaza.  Mahmoud is one of the many victims of Israel's illegal use of white phosphorus as a weapon on the civilians of Gaza.  He is now blind in both eyes and has third-degree burns over much of his torso.

“He was walking to the mosque when the attack started,” his uncle, Nahad Mattar, said. “Two of his friends who were walking with him were killed instantly. Their bodies are in pieces. He was hit by something and his body began to burn.

“There were bits of blood and skin all over him. We couldn't tell what was his and what was other people.”

Source: "Blind and burnt: Mahmoud, 14, young victim of banned white phosphorus shelling," The Times (U.K.), January 20, 2009

“If white phosphorus was deliberately fired at a crowd of people someone would end up in The Hague. White phosphorus is also a terror weapon. The descending blobs of phosphorus will burn when in contact with skin.”
- Charles Heyman, British military expert 
The Times (U.K.), 5 January 2009

"We are absolutely certain this is white phosphorus, this is the singular, unique visual signature of white phosphorus on the battlefield. Not only have I seen it for myself but I have checked with US artillery." - Marc Garlasco, Human Rights Watch military analyst

"The Israeli military may be using legal weapons, but it is using the weapons in an illegal manner."
Marc Garlasco, Human Rights Watch military analyst, to the BBC News.
"UN accuses Israel over phosphorus," BBC News, January 15, 2009
White phosphorus sticks to human skin and will burn right through to the bone, causing death or leaving survivors with painful wounds which are slow to heal.  Israeli use of white phosphorus in the densely populated areas of Gaza would be "unlawful", as its dispersal would be indiscriminate and could put civilians at risk, according to Human Rights Watch military analyst Marc Garlasco.
From the Los Angeles Times:  Palestinian villagers said the shelling came from the direction of the Israeli border, less than a mile away, scattering flaming objects in their midst and burning down 20 homes and the local United Nations-run school.

"One landed in my kitchen and caused a fire," said Zohair Mohammed abu Rejila, 35. "I went to put it out, but another one landed on Mayar, my baby daughter. It was like a block of fire, a piece of plastic on fire. When I knocked it off her, it exploded and out came this heavy white smoke with a very bad smell."

-- From "1 dead, dozens injured in Gaza by suspected white phosphorus munitions," Los Angeles Times, 12 January 2009

The Israelis are clearly using white phosphorus incendiary shells on the civilian population of Gaza.  This is just one of the egregious war crimes being committed by the criminal regime headed by Ehud Olmert.  Why is Obama silent in the face of such obvious crimes?  Will Ehud Olmert and Ehud Barak end up in The Hague?
Photo: Jack Guez/AFP/Getty Images

Israel rains fire on Gaza with phosphorus shells in these photos, which are clear evidence of war crimes being committed in real time.  Why is President-elect Obama, who happens to share the same Hebrew name, i.e. Barak, as the Israeli leading this criminal assault, mute about the genocidal war crimes being committed by Israel in Gaza?

"Israel rains fire on Gaza with phosphorus shells" is the title of The Times (U.K.) article dated 5 January 2009.  It describes the evidence that Israel is using white phosphorus shells on the defenseless civilians of the Gaza Strip in what is a clear-cut war crime:

Israel is believed to be using controversial white phosphorus shells to screen its assault on the heavily populated Gaza Strip yesterday. The weapon, used by British and US forces in Iraq, can cause horrific burns but is not illegal if used as a smokescreen.

As the Israeli army stormed to the edges of Gaza City and the Palestinian death toll topped 500, the tell-tale shells could be seen spreading tentacles of thick white smoke to cover the troops’ advance.

It should be noted that the Israelis have been using these white phosphorus shells since the beginning of the aerial assault on Gaza, which is obvious from watching the television footage from the first week of the assault - before the ground invasion began.  That is criminal, as the Times article notes.  CNN International, for example, has shown many clips of the jellyfish-like tentacles of the phosphorus bombs raining down on Gaza, but has never discussed the use of this criminal weapon on the defenseless Palestinians. 

CNN, which is a Zionist-controlled media network, was "unable" to report from inside the Gaza Strip for the first three weeks of the Israeli criminal aggression, because the Israelis did not allow journalists to enter the sector, which they control the borders of.  BBC, on the other hand, has a local Palestinian who produces excellent reports from inside Gaza.  CNN obviously decided that it did not want to report from inside Gaza.  This a network which often asks viewers to send in footage and reports -- but it clearly did not want any reports of Israeli crimes coming directly from inside the Gaza Strip. 

The U.S. used white phosphorus in Fallujah, Iraq.

In November 2005, the Pentagon confirmed that U.S. forces had used white phosphorus in Fallujah.  Col. Barry Venable, explained how the incendiary weapon had been used in Fallujah:

"One technique is to fire a white phosphorus round or rounds into the position, because the combined effects of the fire and smoke will drive them out of the holes so that you can kill them with high explosives."
See also: "Israel uses phosphorus shells as smokescreen for troops," Robert Mendick, Evening Standard (U.K.), 5 January 2009

"U.S. confirms white phosphorus use in Fallujah," November 16, 2005, ABC News Online

The Israelis have also been targeting ambulances in Gaza, a war crime they have committed with impunity since at least 1982:
The civilian toll in the first 24 hours of the ground offensive — launched after a week of bombardment from air, land and sea— was at least 64 dead. Among those killed were five members of a family who died when an Israeli tank shell hit their car and a paramedic who died when a tank blasted his ambulance.

Barack and his Israeli friends:  Candidate Obama visits the Israeli settlement of Sderot, July 2008.  People who wonder why President-elect Obama has failed to condemn the criminal aggression against the Palestinians of Gaza should look closely at the following photos from July 2008 of Obama with Ehud Barak (left), the Israeli "defense minister" running the criminal assault on the defenseless population of Gaza.  Obama is another Zionist puppet - just like George W. Bush.  What a change.

Adam Ereli - A Son of the Hagana in the State Dept. E-mail

Joseph Adam Ereli (center), the key State Dept. official directing U.S. policy in Iraq and the Persian Gulf, is a citizen of Israel due to the fact that his father is an Israeli from Tel Aviv -- who also happened to be a Hagana terrorist.  Ereli has served in all the crucial Middle Eastern states prior to and during the Zionist fraud known as the "War on Terror."  How can it be that the sons of Zionist terrorists from the Hagana, Irgun, and Stern Gang, are directing U.S. policy in the Middle East?  What does this say about who actually controls the U.S. government?  Don't the Arab leaders know -- or don't they care who they do business with?  Ereli's father was, after all, a member of the terrorist gang that ethnically cleansed Palestine in 1948.  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.